The Sky's the Limit ! Elaine is jumping out of a plane for Alzheimer's

Ardtower Caravan Park are delighted to advise that Elaine, has signed up for a parachute jump in June, this being one of the chose Charites that Elaine and Iain have chosen to support!!!

Quote from Elaine!

“Ok…. I have a horrific fear of height’s, however, I have just signed up today for a parachute jump on the 24th t of June.  I am fighting Alzheimer’s, Dementia Scotland, a very cruel illness that I am so passionate about.  This one is for our dad, Ralph Pope.

Watching your loved one detoriate is the hardest thing to do.

·         Memory loss

·         Inability to interact

·         Reverting to childhood memories

·         Not remembering who your family are

·         Loss of independence

·         Lastly wanting to have one day with your Dad as he was….

If you would like to donate that would be greatly appreciated, you can visit my Just Giving page;


Every little Helps xx

Thanks Elaine x