Iain Mackintosh (known as Tosh) and Elaine Pope proprietors of Ardtower!


Ardtower opened in May 2016, myself and Tosh are delighted to advise that we have had a great start to this year and we have had the pleasure of hosting great people.

Both myself and Tosh are from Inverness and believed the Park would be a great opportunity to encourage people to visit Inverness and the surrounding areas as there is so much to offer in the Highlands.

The Mackintosh family have grafted over the last five years to develop the site, the vision was to build a modern campsite and to offer the best possible facilities for all of our guests ensuring that their stay would be relaxing and memorable.

Tosh has been working on the site for the last five years, and I am very proud of what he has achieved, not that I am biased…however, attention to detail is second to none! Now it’s my challenge to ensure that we grow into a very successful business, offering the best to our guests.

Customer service and satisfaction is key to both of us, having myself come from a Customer service background over the last thirty years, 5*service is key to any business.

We do have future plans on site to add more facilities and potential to expand, however, all is work in progress!!! Watch this space.

Lastly we would like to thank all of our guests and friends who have supported us to date in our new and exciting venture andif you have not stayed with us, we do hope we will have the pleasure of hosting you in the near future.